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Gatherings PROFESSIONAL IDENTITY, FUNCTION, AND ETHICS - Research Paper Example In particular, the character, work, and moral prerequisites in bunch fill in as an expert and Christian advisor will be given accentuation incorporating Biblical worth surveys in serving little gatherings which investigates God’s truth and how customer needs can be met by taking part in a cozy gathering setting. Watchwords: bunch advising, guiding, bunch treatment, Christian instructor Introduction Professional gathering directing spreads multi-faceted points of view in the mind life of various sorts of individuals. This is viewed as a major aspect of brain science â€Å"in action†. Despite the fact that gathering advising has the rules and boundaries to follow as gave by various books on Group Counseling created by specialists on the fields like G. Corey , S. Venkates, Jacobs,, Corey and Callahan, the code of morals from the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC), among others, that can control bunch advi sors or facilitators in their lead of their gathering directing, this field of gathering guiding, is as yet confronted with various difficulties and issues like multicultural assorted variety, moral issues covering classification and double practice (gathering and individual advising) , ACA versus AACC code of morals, Christian versus mainstream directing, and so on. These difficulties and issues must be tended to as needs be for the training to continue and create in the manner it ought to be. Maybe, this outline of expert gathering directing would give some edification on hazy situations understudy. Postulation Statement This paper tries to bring in this some proof or realities in regards to chosen issues about gathering directing like the falsehood and trading utilization of such ideas as direction, guiding and treatment; the issue on having a common and a Christian gathering advisor, â€Å"dual relationship† advising practice, and how to choose a gathering head or instruc tor. These are a few regions that this paper will introduce with the expectation that further edification can be accomplished or better ends can be inferred for future scholastic exploration endeavors. An Overview of Group Professional Counseling Early Beginnings Joseph Pratt (1905, applied first conventional remedial gathering experience), Alfred Adler (1922, genius sprinter of gathering guiding), and Jacob Moreno (1922, pioneer for gathering and psycho treatment), Trigant Burrow (1935, psychoanalytic gathering investigation) and Kurt Lewin (1940, organizer of hypothesis dependent on Gestalt guideline) were noted to be the first to utilize bunch counseling† (Berg,, 2002). During this phase of directing field advancement, customers were looking for social communication which was frequently found inside gatherings. A few early guiding gatherings that you even observe today created through time. Jacobs portrayed these gatherings dependent on their own gathering class ifications by usefulness, as follows: â€Å"a)Education bunch †gives customers different data; b) Discussion group†centers around issues or points and not on the individuals individual concern; c)Task bunch what necessities to achieve an undertaking or assignment arranged movement ; d) Growth and Experiential gathering is a gathering wherein a part needs to be in a gathering and is spurred to get familiar with themselves in a gathering like T-gatherings; e) Counseling and Therapy bunch varies from the development bunches since individuals go to the gathering for specific issues; f) Support bunch empowers individuals to learn other people’

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Business Society and Planet of Bridgestone - Goodyear Companies

Question: Examine about the Identification and Description of Bridgestone and Goodyear Companies? Answer: Bridgestone Company is among the main multinationals managing in auto and vehicle save parts incepted in 1931 byShojiro Ishibashiin Kurume City,Fukuoka, situated in Japan. The Bridgestone Group supplies a wide collection of tires to buyers around the world, for example, tires for trucks, airplane, mining vehicles, traveler vehicles, transports, development, bikes, etc. The Company makes and wholesales a scope of elastic wares and other separated items (Cooke, 2001). A large number of these stocks and advancements are utilized in a decent variety of ordinary applications. The Bridgestone Group maintains an ideal harmony between transient organization system and mid-to long haul organization measures, with an emphasis on Lean for the time being and Strategic in the mid-and waits to execute the executives rearrangements, rendering highest priority to enhancement on a gathering and overall premise. The essential vision of this Group as expressed (Placeholder1) is Fathoming that Serving C ommunity with the Best Quality is our inheritance and our center Purpose, and taking on our responsibility to imminent ages as a universal initiate in our businesses, Bridgestone Inc. what's more, its co-players around the world apply modernization and innovation to propel the manner in which people work, live, move, and play (Bridgestone Corporation, 2017). Goodyear Company The Goodyear Tire Rubber Corporationis a USA-based worldwide tire maker organization set up in the year 1898 byFrank Seiberlingand headquartered inAkron, Ohio. The Company creates tires for planes, race vehicles, light trucks, cruisers, SUVs, business trucks, ranch gear, cars, and substantial earth-mover apparatus. Goodyear was named after Charles Goodyear, an American pioneer of vulcanized elastic (Norbert Majerus; James Morgan; Durward Sobek, 2016). The underlying Goodyear items developed predominant since they could be confined effectively and required minute support. From Goodyear's initiation in 1898, the Firms benchmark for progress has been grounded on its vow to unremitting improvement and development. From that point forward, the Corporation has formed into one of the globes prime tire organizations, with one the very pinnacle of famous brand names. They utilize roughly 66,000 aggregates in different regions around the world all of them trying to convey the most extreme qual ity in everything that the business does (Goodyear Corporation, 2017). Clear contrasts between the two organizations regarding the scope of issues managed in their social reports and the profundity of inclusion on explicit issues Bridgestone Company As a universal association, Bridgestone contacts a contrasting bunch of gatherings everywhere throughout the world. By overhauling how people live, learn, and work, the association tries to decidedly influence the gatherings in which it works at the worldwide and neighborhood levels. It helps in building increasingly secure, more advantageous networks and makes instruction progressively open and far reaching ( Bridgestone Corporation, 2016). For example, in relationship with Fleet Watch magazine and other industry accessories, Bridgestone South Africa (Pty) Ltd. has looked into Brake and Tire Watch; a program intended for empowering traffic specialists to perceive unroadworthy vehicles in the city, and furthermore to extend transport overseer recognition with a capable slowing down and tire checking. Traffic authorities are prepared on the importance of safe tires, tire weaknesses, utilitarian brakes and other visual security sections. Trucks or transports saw as unroadworthy are the n ousted from the road and gave suspending takes note. Up to this point, the program has arranged in excess of 1,200 traffic specialists and examined in excess of 400 vehicles, of which 60% were not in roadworthy condition. Through these activities, Bridgestone adds to a progressively secure society. In addition, since 1970, the organization continuously adds to the sound existence of neighborhood networks. This is chronicled through blood gifts, preparing, clinical commitments, and colloquiums on work related medication (Wayne Visser; Ileana Magureanu; Karina Yadav, 2015). As of late, the organization presented defibrillators (AED) and talented representatives how to utilize them. Representatives working with Bridgestone Company additionally advantage from wellbeing comforts, for instance, echography and other remedial assessments, preventive wellbeing efforts (focusing on malignancy, hypertension, heaviness, etc.), ergonomics programs, and psychosocial care. Through these and diff erent activities, Bridgestone reinforces the solid existence of nearby individuals. In addition, nearby with Bridgestone Cycle Company and Bridgestone Sports Enterprise, they hold the Bridgestone Children's Eco-Art Contest. This opposition was built up with the point of rationing indigenous habitat for an imminent age, and it highlights on the thankfulness for a situation which is seen through youngsters' drawings. This challenge has been held since 2003, and a sum of 313,199 eminent drawings have been contributed henceforth communicating an assortment of aptitudes among the youngsters. So we can presume that Bridgestone Company targets serving society with predominant administrations and furthermore it grasps its obligation for an up and coming generation(Bridgestone Corporation, 2014). Goodyear Company Not at all like Bridgestone Company which targets serving the general public through the structure of more advantageous networks, Goodyear Company concentrates more on fulfilling themselves first and is planned to utilize their resources for assemble and continue coordinated projects inside a network adventure center regions. Their key is to an accentuation on regions that mirror the universal and nearby nature of their business and where Goodyear Company can have the best impact including: maintaining safe developments to make their kin more grounded and increasingly secure (Dirk Morschett; Hanna Schramm-Klein; Joachim Zentes, 2010). Persuading people to accomplish their potential in school and prepare for keen vocations, diminishing waste and protecting economical vitality for their reality. Related commitment fills in as the primary segment of all of Goodyears corporate social responsibility endeavors (Swanson, 2014). Goodyear Company places into thought by guaranteeing that their assembling offices are protected and innocuous to the wellbeing and prosperity of partners, laborers, the encompassing occupants and the earth in general. Goodyear Company just takes an interest in a program as network volunteers, not at all like Bridgestone Company who sees it as their obligation to reclaim to the general public( The Goodyear Tire Rubber Company, 2017). Degree to which can these distinctions be clarified by the nation or industry contrasts An association without a goodmanagement is bound to annihilation. That is the reason it is immensely huge to choose the privilege overseeing style that would balance such loathsome destiny, just as pass on a pined for progress to an association (John O Okpara; Samuel O Idowu, 2013). Despite the fact that Bridgestone and Goodyear organizations fabricate comparative items (tire and elastic items), they have distinctive administration. This is on the grounds that they are situated in various nations which adjust differentmanagement styles. To begin with, Japanese organizations conviction that an individual ought to add to the general public all in all, unexpectedly, USA associations concentrates more on fulfilling themselves first and afterward accordingly focuses on the network (Samuel O Idowu; Walter Leal Filho, 2008). Additionally, as far as work, Japanese associations employ somebody who is happy, eager, enthusiastic and ready to devote herself or himself to the organization. So the y barely utilize laborers dependent on their training and aptitudes. Alternately, USA organizations explicitly recruit representatives who are reasonable for the activity dependent on appropriate training and capacities. Furthermore, USA organizations have a propensity of settling on snappy choices so as to document unexpected outcomes. Thus, dynamic is committed to USA directors as it were. The choices made are then chatted to the subordinates. In Japan, actually, partnerships settle on a choice utilizing two methodologies. The primary methodology includes looking for endorsement from the lower level of the executives up to the top most administration. The second technique for dynamic procedure directing gatherings with the representatives' the place they all concur on what ought to be executed (USA International Business Publications, 2015). This is worthwhile on the grounds that each representative can take part and contribute their perspectives and furthermore their feelings are thought of. Because of every one of these distinctions in the two nations, the two organizations, Goodyear and Bridgestone however they have a place in a similar tire and elastic industry they vary with regards to corporate social duty (CSR) (Wayne Visser; Ileana Magureanu; Karina Yadav, 2015). Appraisal Of The Apparent Quality Of The Social Accounting Approach Utilized By Each Company According To Zadek Et Al.S (1997) Criteria The recommendation that organizations should be considered answerable for their social execution has ended up being dynamic in the course of the last five to ten years(William B Werther; David Chandler, 2011). This has delivered critical discussion about how associations should set up their corporate social obligation (CSR) and about what foundations best practice in social bookkeeping, recording and checking on (Zadek et al., 1997). Key philosophies are that socially mindful associations should partake in talk with their accomplices and make a social report that is a record of their social establishment (Dorothe?e Baumann-Pauly, 2013). As bolstered by Zadeks in his work, Bridgestone and Goodyear, through their drives target guaranteeing inclusivity for the most part by welcoming on board in

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An elderly person Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

An older individual - Essay Example I found the hardships and harsh sick treatment individuals face in our locale when they develop old. It is just awful how old individuals don't get the convention by more youthful ages who don't, for once, consider the way that they will need to experience a similar age further down the road. This paper involves the maltreatment and disregards that individuals face at more established ages and measures that can be taken to defeat these issues. A concise visit As I entered the old home, the upsetting smell of mothballs and pee got me. Before long invulnerable to it, I proceeded onward to recognize individuals that may be generally suitable to be met. A large portion of them had bumped backs as though they worried about concern of a million privileged insights for quite a long time. As I chose a squeaking bed to start my meetings of chose individuals, I couldn’t make out if the squeaking sounds out of sight were that of the bed or of their corroded knees moving. Every one of the m serenely shared their encounters and as their wrinkled and rugged lips moved, I could feel tears streaming down my cheeks hearing the grievous stories behind those blue and green veins and delicate cleaned once-youngsters. Misuse and disregard of the older My discoveries from meeting individuals at the organization inferred that they all have experienced a maltreatment during their maturing periods. They face circumstances regularly where they are mishandled and disregarded. This included physical maltreatment where their friends and family did activities planned for harming, harming or making physical torment them. Because of mature age, these individuals resemble withered blossoms that can't stand the weight of wireless transmissions. They are unequipped for safeguarding themselves against physical brutality and wind up experiencing wounds, strains, consumes and fractural wounds. Surprisingly more dreadful, numerous old individuals were upset through enthusiastic tormenting and mental maltreatment. Utilizing offending verbal articulations and mortifying language are basic signals that trigger mental abuses. All the more usually watched examples included undermining by their overseers to abandon them at old homes or comparative organizations and consequently some of them in the long run wound up there. Infrequently, there were cases that asserted that their relatives were occupied with misappropriation of cash or legacy property and intimidation to sign wanted wills or authoritative archives. For the most part disregard was purposeful on part of their guardians who expected to rebuff them by keeping them starved or denied of prescriptions and different necessities. Nonetheless, once in a while some were of the view that their family was excessively involved or unable to take appropriate consideration of them (Lachs and Pillemer, 1995). Restorative estimates The inquiry that emerges is the way to stop this social wickedness that has implanted as a major aspe ct of our locale. I asked from my interviewees how they propose this snag can be survived. It is significant that masses be instructed at national level and through authoritative activists and weight gatherings with the goal that mindfulness is built up and virtues are improved at singular level. It is the framework and view of individuals that need patching up to be liberated from bias against elderly individuals. Crusades must be directed to make better mindfulness and guidelines must be joined that dishearten and punish such harsh acts. Privileges of elderly individuals should be reestablished through changes in legitimate systems and idea of organization must be smothered carefully.

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College - A Scary Thought

"So, you want to go to go to college? What do you think you want to do with the rest of your life?" That is the question every high school junior fears. Where are they going to go to school; what are they going to study and what are they going to do with their degree?Any high school junior will tell you that they have a few ideas, but most don't have a clue what they are really doing. They go to classes day after day, getting by and perhaps even excelling in school, but most are scared. They might like science or math or English, but they don't know if that would make a good career, make them happy, be a good job with a good salary, or help them support their future family. The thought of choosing your life at sixteen or seventeen is scary. It is a huge decision for someone who doesn't even own a credit card. Juniors have to start looking at schools, which means they should have to have a major in mind. They have to decide if they want a big school, or an athletic school, or a busine ss school. There are many choices in many locations and then there's the money issue. How much will four (or more) years of tuition cost? It may cost $20,000 per year, and that does not always include room and board. A conscientious junior has to research scholarship programs, but what if his or her grades aren't good enough and they don't have the option of an athletic scholarship? The military sometimes can pay for your school, but they have extremely high standards for scholarship applicants also. Public college may not be a very desirable option for many. With huge numbers of students and not the greatest facilities, it may be a good option in terms of money. Frankly, the thought of college right now is frightening. Leaving my family for four years sounds nice, but the actual thought of being on my own is nightmare-inspiring.There are big decisions to be made this year, but if millions of other juniors have done it, a few more can. So if you're a high school junior, don't worry. I have to make decisions, all of my friends and people I don't know have to also. If I can decide what to do with my life, so can you. v

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The Truth Behind The Yellow Wallpaper - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 692 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/05/13 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Did you like this example? Surely suppressed, Charlotte Gilman goes on to tell her story of how she was made an example of the repression of women in the nineteenth-century. Charlottes story describes a creative women diagnosed with a nervous disorder, whos recommended treatment is to live the life of a restricted housewive. Her doctor is also her husband, which his prescription for her is to become a couch potato. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "The Truth Behind The Yellow Wallpaper" essay for you Create order In his efforts to repress her, he helps lead her to her own mental deterioration. Insanity consumes her, which leads her to become obsessed with the wallpaper in her house. In the story its apparent that the woman in The Yellow Wallpaper suffers from nervous bipolar disorder/depression considering her diagnosis and treatment, with that as her influence, Charlotte Perkins Gilman uses the wallpaper to portray an insane asylum as her storys setting. The narrator in Gilmans story suffers from a type of nervous depression shortly after the birth of her child. Following this; her, her baby and her husband take residence in a summer vacation home which was described as a colonial mansion. A colonial mansion, a hereditary estate, i would say a haunted house (Gilman 527) . Forbidden from doing work of any kind, she spends her days in her room with its barred windows, scratched flooring, and antagonizing yellow wallpaper. Charlotte perkins refers to a women who feels mentally and physically trapped inside her home after being suggested to live a domestic life by her ultimately controlling husband who refuses to acknowledge that she is genuinely sick, which in reality makes her condition worse. I have a scheduled prescription for each hour in the day; he takes care of me(Gilman 527). The narrators husband is unbearingly controlling which in the narrators state of illness, which leave her to believe that she is dependent and reliant on him. He is very careful and loving, and hardly lets me stir without special direction(Gilman 527). During this time period it wasnt uncommon for women to be repressed and not taken seriously, as for the narrators case she was showing obvious signs of postpartum depression and needed real treatment with medication rather than just a prescription of bedrest in which she was given. Her husbands efforts to repress her is solely for his own personal agenda, his motives is to keep her within societys norms so that she can have the cookie cutter housewives image. John does not know how much i really suffer (Gilman 528). Johns sister Jennie also plays a role in helping suppress the narrator by encouraging the domestic lifestyle her husband had pushed upon the narrator. The narrator had been stripped of doing everything she had once enjoyed doing, such as writing. She was careful of hiding her writings from her husband and his sister because she was scared of what they would do if she were to go against her husbands regimen he had given.I verily believe she thinks it is the writing which made me sick(Gilman 529). The narrator and Jennie have a close relationship. Jennie is part of the hired help in which she tends to the house and keeps an eye out for her sister in-law. She is a perfect and enthusiastic housekeeper, and hopes for no better profession(Gilman 529). Time goes by and the narrator becomes worse in which she starts to become unable to be around other people including her family. Jennie begins to take care of everything including watching her child and tending to the home. John thought it might do me some good to see a little company, so we just had mother and Nellie and the children down for a week. Of course i didnt do a thing. Jennie sees to everything now.(Gilman 530). The result of living a domestic live begins to take a serious toll on the narrators mental health. With nothing do, she resulted into being forced to be her own company, she is trapped within her own mind. However the narrator is able to acknowledge and believe that getting out of the house and being productive would benefit her. I believe that congenial work, with excitement and change would do me good (Gilman 527).

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Mktg 2010 Marketing Research Anaylsis Report - 3731 Words

------------------------------------------------- NBN Marketing Research analysis Report ------------------------------------------------- NBN Marketing Research analysis Report Contents Page Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Qualitative analysis 4 Identification of Themes 4 Appearance 4 Use of evidence for appearance 4 Verification 5 Depicting real life behaviour 5 Use of evidence for depicting real life behaviour 5 Verification 6 Data Display 6 Quantitative Analysis 7 Respondent Profile 7 MRO 1 7 Test of relationship 7 Conclusion 7 MRO 2 7 Test of difference 7 Conclusion 8 MRO 3 8 Test of relationship 8 Conclusion 8 MRO 4 8 Test of relationship 8 Conclusion 8†¦show more content†¦Others however, felt that ordinary people should consist of reality TV programs. These findings indicate that there is a large gap in the appearance of contestants in Reality TV shows. Some of the negative comments made were: * â€Å"Contestants carefully selected† to fit the idea of getting good ratings * â€Å"Girls all look good† to attract male viewers * â€Å"Pretty faces† to attract male viewers * â€Å"Guys are handsome, pleasant† to attract female viewers * â€Å"Don’t seem to be the ordinary people that we meet in the everyday life† * â€Å"All very good looking† * â€Å"look for someone that they know will look good in front of cameras† * â€Å"can entertain audiences† for high rating purposes * â€Å"Do not fit the profile they are looking for† which states that they are looking for people who are with high physical attractiveness * â€Å"cover of magazines† However some comments feel that appearance is not as important: * â€Å"ordinary people† are better for entertainment value Verification One study has shown good responses to a reality program relating to cosmetic surgery. Results indicated that the participants viewed the program positively and endorsed the importance of physical attractiveness. They also believed the psychological benefits and entertainment value it can bring to the reality TV show (Charlotte N, 2012). This proves that physical appearance doesShow MoreRelatedMktg 2010 Marketing Research Anaylsis Report3731 Words   |  15 Pages------------------------------------------------- NBN Marketing Research analysis Report ------------------------------------------------- NBN Marketing Research analysis Report Contents Page Executive Summary 3 Introduction 3 Qualitative analysis 4 Identification of Themes 4 Appearance 4 Use of evidence for appearance 4 Verification 5 Depicting real life behaviour 5 Use of evidence for depicting real life behaviour 5 Verification 6 Data Display 6 Quantitative Analysis

Long-Run vs Short-Run free essay sample

Economics 503 Foundations of Economic Analysis Assigned: Week 4 Due: Week 5 1. Using aggregate demand, short-run aggregate supply and long-run aggregate supply curves, explain the process by which each of the following economic events will move the economy from one long-run macroeconomic equilibrium to another. Illustrate with diagrams. In each case, what are the short-run and long-run effects on the aggregate price level and aggregate output? a. There is a decrease in households’ wealth due to a decline in the stock market. The model starts at point 1. Household consumption drops as wealth declines. This decreases spending at any given price level (the AD curve shifts in) and reduces the prices they are willing to pay for goods. The falling price level along with given wages raises the costs of hiring workers and output declines in equilibrium. Equilibrium price and output drop to point 2. The falling price level combined with fixed wages will raise the relative or real wage as the economy goes into a recession. We will write a custom essay sample on Long-Run vs Short-Run or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The relatively low demand for labor in the recession will put downward pressure on the nominal wage rate. The falling cost of production reduces the prices that firms demand for their production (i. the SRAS curve shifts down). Wages will fall until the labor market equilibrium return relative wages to their long-term levels. The new long run equilibrium will be at point 3. [pic] b. The government lowers taxes, leaving households with more disposable income, with no corresponding reduction in government purchases. The economy begins at point 1. When households have more disposable income, they increase spending. This shifts out demand for goods and increases the prices they are willing to pay for goods. The higher prices of goods reduce the cost of labor. Falling real wages induce firms to increase production. The new equilibrium is at point 2. When firms are producing a lot of output, labor demand is high. Wages feel upward pressure, raising costs. The costs of production are passed along to customers which in turn reduces equilibrium demand. Eventually, wages rise far enough that the excess demand for labor is in equilibrium and real wages return to their equilibrium level and the economy returns to potential output at point 3. [pic] 2. Consider again the case (b) from the above problem, when the government lowers taxes. Focus on how event (b) will change money market interest rates and the forex rate. a. Draw a graph of the money market and show what would happen to money market interest rates after event (1b) if the central bank left the money supply unchanged. (Hint: After event (1b), GDP will change. How will this change affect money demand? ). Money Market: In the short-run, prices and output increase which increases the money value of transactions which means people will have to hold more liquidity. Liquidity tightens and the interest rates that banks must offer to raise liquidity rises. [pic] b. Demonstrate the impact of the changes in the interest rate (described in 2. a. ) caused by monetary policy on the foreign exchange market. Would the spot exchange rate appreciate or depreciate? Foreign Exchange Rate: The higher interest rate in domestic markets encourages domestic investors to keep their money at home. The domestic demand for foreign exchange drops. At the same time, the domestic market attracts funds from overseas increasing the supply of foreign currency. The excess supply conditions of forex reduces the price of domestic currency and the domestic currency appreciates. pic] 3. In 2005, a hurricane hit New Orleans, Louisiana, an important transportation and oil refining center in the USA, one of Hong Kong’s key for the petrochemical industry in that country. Consider the impact of the recent hurricanes that devastated that city as a temporary supply shock for the USA. a. Discuss briefly, using one graph, the outcomes that we would have been likely to see in t erms of goods markets in the USA as a result of this negative business cycle shock. With the refineries knocked out, the price of oil would rise. With firms energy costs rising, the price level charged by firms at every level of production would rise. The rising price levels would dampen consumption and hurt export competiveness and the equilibrium quantity would fall and prices rise. [pic] b. Analysts are also worried that the natural disaster might have had a negative impact on consumer confidence. Discuss briefly, using one graph, the differences in outcomes that we would observe if this demand side effect were stronger from the outcomes that we would observe if the supply side effects were dominant. c. [pic] A decline in consumer confidence would reduce the demand for consumer goods at any level of prices. This would shrink demand at any price level. If this effect were dominant the price level would fall. LRAS AD? P Y YP AD 1 2 SRAS? 3 SRAS SRAS? P Y YP AD 1 2 SRAS 3 LRAS AD? Money Demand? Money Demand i M Money Supply 1 2 Y‘! Demand2 1 Supply2 Supply Demand Forex S 2 2 1 AD SRAS P Y SRAS? SRAS P** Y P YP AD AD? 1 2 LRAS AD? Money Demand? Money Demand i M Money Supply 1 2 Y^ Demand? 1 Supply? Supply Demand Forex S 2 2 1 AD SRAS P Y SRAS? SRAS P** Y P YP AD AD? 1 2